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Leading a life of passion, purpose and impact. 

Jennifer Stinson is an Air Force Veteran Spouse, older sister, aunt, social entrepreneur, unapologetic advocate, storyteller, and stylist leading a life of passion, purpose, and impact. While living in East Asia and exploring the countries of East and Southeast Asia, Jennifer’s heart for advocacy for the women and families in these countries burst open. She started a purpose-driven business in 2016 in partnership with Noonday Collection to create a marketplace for their artisan partner-made creations, creating dignified jobs for women and families living in vulnerable communities of underdeveloped nations where they use skills that have been passed down for generations. 

Jennifer’s experiences while stationed in Southwest Asia a few years later only intensified her desire to continue creating meaningful opportunities for others. She could not stifle the passion in her heart that developed the ardent belief that every woman is worthy of a good job, safety, and access to education, and every family deserves access to dignified jobs at home instead of enduring separation in pursuit of providing for the family.

Jennifer has a deep fondness for traversing the world and has explored all seven continents. She is an ardent scuba diver, ocean torchbearer, and eighteen-year competitive champion baton twirler who retired after reaching the pinnacle of her twirling career as a collegiate feature twirler. 

A born New Yorker raised in Texas, she resides in the Tampa, Fla. suburbs with her husband and two cats. 

What I learned during my six years living on and traveling around the Continent of Asia and as an Independent Noonday Ambassador Business Owner since 2016 is what people in the developing world want most is a good job in their home country, and providing dignified, sustainable jobs that pay fair, living wages is life-changing. When they have that, poverty, exploitation, and trafficking is NOT their final story! 

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“Slaying Tampa Bay” is a tribute to the remarkable women who demonstrate resilience and excellence. They embody grace, grit, and goodness. Their determination, love, and stories of success inspire us to aim high, work toward our goals, and create a better future. The book invites us all to join in on the pursuit of making a meaningful impact collectively. 

Did you know?

-Nearly 4 Billion people live on less than $2.15 a day, including 1 Billion children.

-The world’s poor are vulnerable to injustice.

- The pandemic pushed 100 million people in the developing world back into extreme poverty and
  20 million girls may never step foot back into the classroom.

These are devastating statistics.

- To have a path out of poverty, people need and want good, safe jobs in their home country where they can earn reliable incomes to provide for themselves and their families, and contribute to their community.

-The artisan sector is the second-largest source of income in the developing world after agriculture. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, particularly women, participate in the artisan sector, but without access to a fair global market, they struggle to support themselves and their families making them vulnerable. 

Participating is Easy - Use your Purchasing Power for Good!

When you partner with me by hosting a Trunk Show or shopping my website, you participate in fair, living wage jobs in safe working conditions for artisans in vulnerable communities across the globe, helping them and their families rise out of poverty. Additionally, you contribute to scholarship initiatives that enable K-12 students and bright young university-bound females attend school in east Africa.